Whirlpool events at Fuorisalone 2022


At Fuorisalone 2022, that will be held in Milan on June 6-12, Whirlpool improves its commitment to bringing design to the home with two events. Whirlpool is partnering with INTERNI as co-producer of the 2022 exhibition: this year’s installation is entitled “Sidereal Station” and continues the project started with architect Michele De Lucchi and AMDL CIRCLE in 2021.

«It is a sort of “telescope” – the company explains – pointing towards the sky and aiming at finding harmony to feel good about ourselves and others, preserving the physical environment in which we all live. A stimulus to think about a future of well-being for the individual and the planet. Despite its monumental nature, the work is a human space: within, people enter a dark space that comes alive with vivid projections that use sound and vision to express a sense of beauty and bring to life Whirlpool’s concept of design as a path to well-being».

In addition, as in 2022 FuoriSalone will be focusing on the theme of “Between Space and Time” and Whirlpool and Hotpoint will explore the relationship between these two dimensions, through the overarching concept of “Home reborn”. Visitors will be able to join the worlds of the two brands in a special event. On one side, Whirlpool’s #FindWellbeing experience envisages the home as the ideal place for regeneration and cultivating well-being. Thanks to a voice that embodies Whirlpool’s intuitive 6TH SENSE Technology, visitors are guided on an immersive journey through interactive installations that evoke the stress of modern life into new zones where they can embrace silence and find well-being.

On the other hand, Hotpoint stages an empathetic feast for the imagination, that allows people to experience the warm #ShareHomeLove, which is the core of the brand story. Visitors are taken on an emotional journey of familiar home-love moments and shown how Hotpoint’s solutions can be trusted allies, always at their side.