About the #100KfromtheSCA Challenge

We're challenging Scadians to raise $100,000 to fight food insecurity in Butler County, PA.

Rainbow over the Lake at Pennsic

Help meet the challenge:

  • Donate $10 or more directly to a Butler County charity listed below
  • Post on social media and challenge four other Scadians to donate with you
  • Be sure to use the hashtag #100kfromtheSCA
Pennsic at Night

Can we really reach $100,000?

The math is simple. Over 10,000 people attend Pennsic War each year, and it isn't always the same 10,000. If everyone for whom Pennsic is a special place can give at least $10, we'll easily reach the goal.

Pennsic Food Court

About Your Gift

  • Your gift today will go straight to the charity you choose, and will be put to work immediately.
  • Your gift is fully tax deductible
  • This is a not an official SCA-sponsored effort, and no funds will pass through SCA accounts.

Get In Touch Using The Form

Reach out to the team with any questions or inquiries.

Find us On Social Media or search for the tag #100kfromtheSCA

Behind the Challenge

The team behind the #100kfromtheSCA challenge website. They are joined by the many more who have donated and participated in the challenge.

Anastasia Guta


Symon of Barnesdale

Technical Consultant

Brendan Crane

Photography Contributor

Aneleda Falconbridge

Marketing Consultant

Morien MacBain

Paladin's Pantry

Nisaa Karahisarie

Photography Contributor

Paladin's Pantry