Haier- Mitsubishi: partnership in air conditioning


Haier air cond

Haier Air Conditioning has recently signed MOU with Mitsubishi Electric in order to join their know-how in the sector and develop, in the next five years, new home comfort solutions. The new products will feature intelligence, comfort, energy-saving and there will also be high-end appliances with personalized characters. The two companies already stared their strategic cooperation by co-building the laboratory on May, 2014, which had an enormous influence on R&D of Air conditioning industry and high-end products with personalized and creative features. On 1st January 2016, the State Council issued the medal of technology improvement for Haier, which is the only one in the year 2015 for the whole electrical appliance industry. The award refers to the areas of intelligence, comfort, energy-saving, and is the highest recognition for the creativity sector of China’s electrical appliance.