At home like at the bar


In recent years, the possibilities for creating a bar atmosphere at home have multiplied. Espresso enthusiasts, wine or cocktail lovers can now choose from numerous technological proposals to improvise as barman without too much difficulty. Thanks to the automatic programs and electronic adjustments, it is not complicated to obtain the perfect coffee according to your tastes, have the right size ice cubes and keep the wine bottles at the correct temperature.

The pleasure of coffee and cappuccino
It’s not impossible to enjoy a good espresso or a creamy cappuccino without having to leave home: with the latest generation machines, the preparation of coffee and milk-based drinks is quick and easy, making this daily pleasure within everyone’s reach. The FCM 4500 TF X machine by Fulgor Milano, for example, is a built-in model with a stainless steel finish. The controls are intuitive thanks to the TFT touch display: it is possible to choose the length and intensity of coffee (from very light to extra strong) and 3 temperatures. This appliance offers 30 automatic programs, allowing users to make different drinks thanks to the cappuccinatore and the dispensing of hot water for tea and herbal teas. Furthermore, it also features a coffee grinder and the simultaneous alternating preparation (2 cups for 5 types of coffee). Further plusses of the product are the possibility to adjust the water hardness, the stand-by mode for energy saving and the indicators to signal the absence of water, the lack of coffee, the need to carry out the cleaning cycle and to replace the limescale filter.

Never without ice
To make a perfect cocktail, ice is essential. For this purpose, R.G.V.’s Mojito series offers two easy-to-use tools: an ice maker and an ice-crusher. The first is a compact appliance, with a stainlesssteel structure and an LCD touch control panel. It is a portable appliance, which does not require a plumbing system and which has a front drawer for collecting ice. It is able to produce cubes of 3 different sizes: through the water recirculation system, those that dissolve inside the product are formed again. The ice-crusher, on the other hand, does not chop the ice but splits it in a disorderly way just like in the Caribbean tradition: in this way, it resists liquefaction for longer. The appliance has a removable container, equipped with a safety microswitch , and a stainless steel body.

Ice-crusher Mojito Junior of the R.G.V. Mojito series.

Cool drinks until the last sip
Conviviality within home is enriched by an innovative built-in refrigerated glacette, to keep wine and other types of drinks always cool once the bottle has been opened. Easily integrable into the surfaces, the glacette Kaelo by Kevin Jabou (distributed in Italy by Frigo2000) can be used as a complement to the wine cellar or alone, simply to keep the temperature of the drink taken out of the refrigerator constant. The crown is made of hand-brushed stainless steel and there are 10 different finishes available. Additionally, the patented Kryolux ™ cooling system creates a “jacket” of cold air that envelops the bottle, leaving the wine chilled and the bottle dry. Kaelo cools down in few seconds but uses only the power of a 60 Watt bulb. Smart touch technology is fused into the crown: just a touch on it to turn on the product or change the color of the light. Finally, a freestanding version is also available.

Kaelo refrigerated glacette by Kevin Jabou (distributed in Italy by Frigo2000).

Two independent temperature zones
A single appliance for best storing wines that require different temperatures: the EWTgw 3583 “temperate” cellar of the Liebherr Vinidor range is a versatile built-in appliance, characterized by 2 independently adjustable temperature zones between +5°C and +20°C. There are numerous technological features that distinguish the product: the ElectronicTouch control with LCD display ensures the constant maintenance of the selected temperatures, moreover each zone is equipped with its own FreshAir activated carbon filter to ensure excellent air quality. The LED lighting intensity is adjustable and the smoked glass door guarantees protection from UV rays. Vibrations, also harmful for the good preservation of wine, are reduced to a minimum thanks to the SoftSystem door closing system. The door, however, closes automatically when an angle of 45° is reached. A further feature of the product are the wooden shelves mounted on telescopic guides, which allow easy access to the bottles.

EWTgw 3583 wine cellar of the Liebherr Vinidor range.