Mixed hobs: flexible choices


They combine the advantages of gas cooking with those of induction, offering a versatile and performing solution to end users. Thanks to the variety of models available, these products perfectly fit into the kitchen environment.

by Elena Corti

The latest generation kitchen appliances are increasingly versatile, offering to consumers not only advanced technologies but also solutions allowing to experiment new techniques for cooking all kinds of recipes. Among the latest proposals in the hobs segment, hybrid models embody the concept of flexibility, allowing users to exploit the advantages of gas cooking and those of the induction in the dimension of one only product. Consumer can decide when to use one or the other way of cooking depending on the kind of heat he needs and the benefits that gas or induction offer for the dish to cook. Gas burners of different power are available to users (with various combinations) for dishes that require moist heat, while the induction zones are particularly suitable for speeding up some preparations, such as boiling water for pasta. Moreover, the automatic programs of induction hobs allow to easily obtain the correct temperature to keep the food warm, melt chocolate or cook slowly. A further advantage, not secondary, of these devices is that the flexibility of hybrid hobs also concerns the variety of sizes and number of cooking zones: user can choose the hob dimension that better integrates into his kitchen and the number of gas and induction zones that more precisely responds to his needs. In addition, these appliances are available with different finishes and aesthetics to be harmoniously inserted in the kitchen furniture.

The solution by Zepa-Teka Group

With The Hybrid line, Zepa-Teka Group revisits the concept of the mixed hob, combining the possibility of integrating the double gas-induction technology in a single product with an aesthetic characterized by premium finishes. The Hybrid range consists of various models of 60 and 90 cm, with the possibility of choosing among different variants and between the installation with methane gas and that with LPG. All the hobs in this series have been designed in ultra-resistant 4 mm ceramic glass, which guarantees durability and an essential and contemporary style. The glass surface covers both the induction and gas zones, making cleaning easy. «The Hybrid revolutionizes the concept of the hob that combines gas with induction – explains Marco Zappulla, Sales Manager of Zepa-Teka Group – focusing on design as a reference concept. The Hybrid was created for the most demanding cooks, adapting itself to each specific need, since it combines the power of gas with the speed of induction. It is a technology compatible with 100% of the pots present on the market, as it allows to cook with traditional pans in its gas zone, or with pots and pans set up for induction.» Among the pluses of the gas zone, The Hybrid hobs feature the Step Flame technology (to precisely adjust the intensity of the flame) and high efficiency burners. «The Hybrid – adds Marco Zappulla – includes cutting-edge burners, which achieve a substantial reduction in cooking times and gas consumption, positioning these hobs above the European standard for the energy efficiency of its burners.» The induction area, instead, has direct access functions to speed up and facilitate some operations through pre-set programs. «These accesses – Zappulla concludes – work with a single selection and automatically program the hob for the required function, adjusting the temperature and maintaining it to guarantee the best result.»

The technologies of The Hybrid
The gas zone of The Hybrid hobs integrates the Step Flame technology, which adjusts the intensity of the heat from level 1 to 9 with high precision, thanks to knobs with pre-set positions. In addition, to ensure safety, the hobs incorporate the self-ignition function and an automatic gas lock function. The locking system is equpped with a sensor that detects if the flame is lit: as soon as it goes out, the gas flow is interrupted. The induction zone, on the other hand, is managed through the Multislider control, with which the power of each area can be selected independently with a simple touch of the finger. Automatic programs include Quickboiling functions; Simmering (ideal for slow cooking); Melting (suitable for melting butter or chocolate without burning them); and Keepwarm (to keep dishes warm at the right level before serving them).