Falmec wins the European Product Award


Bellaria has conquered the Silver Award in the ‘Wellness and Relaxation Products’ category in the European Product Design Award contest, which every year rewards the best products according to criteria of functionality, innovation and environmental awareness. The winners have been selected by authoritative jury composed of journalists of important design magazines. Bellaria is an innovative air purification system that, thanks to its active ionization function, recreates a healthy balance of indoor environments, eliminating annoying odors and potentially dangerous substances.
The product is equipped with the Falmec’s patented E.Ion® System technology, which provides the release of ions inside indoor spaces similar to those present in the atmosphere.
Bellaria operates in the most silent way and features light with leaves shape that progressively change their color from yellow to green, according to the improving of the environmental conditions. Testing carried out by the University of Padua certifies that this device is able to reduce the bacterial charge by 85%. Moreover, the adjustable intensity of its Led system and the sophisticated design makes it also a beautiful light system, with a structure made of Murano glass,  exclusively hand-made.