Third edition for “2050: Appliances of the Future conference”


Amdea, the UK Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances, reported its satisfaction for “2050: Appliances of the Future conference: The Road to Net Zero”, the event organized at the end of September by the Association itself. The latest was the third edition, supported by City, University of London and the OPSS (Office for Product Safety and Standards). The event saw guest speakers from manufacturing, retail, regulation and policy focus on the next steps for achieving a sustainable home appliance industry, as we move towards a net-zero future.

«There’s no doubt that appliances have a big role to play in supporting the achievement of net zero homes – said Paul Hide, Amdea Ceo in his speech –. Estimates suggest that within the 29 million UK homes, there are at least 130 million large appliances and over 300 million small appliances. More than 98% of UK homes have at least one large appliance and annual UK sales of this industry exceed 12 million large appliances and 50 million small appliances. This equates to a UK market worth close to £8 billion a year at retail and supports many thousands of UK jobs.»

Hide also underlined Amdea’s responsibility is to ensure there is a net zero action plan across the full supply chain – from sustainable raw materials and sourcing precious minerals to carbon-and water-neutral manufacturing, net zero delivery to the customer’s home, net zero impact in use and full recyclability and material recovery at the end of an appliance’s maximum useful life.